The Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) was established by the Government of the Republic of Zambia on 24th December, 1970 under the Building Societies Act of 1968. The Society was formed with the mandate of mobilizing financial resources to invest in mortgages with the aim of increasing the country’s housing stock.In addition to property Financing, ZNBS also provides Banking services across the country. The Society also provides office space to individuals and companies mainly in properties along the line of rail.


A Great Mission Statement

To provide quality, affordable, and sustainable mortgage finance, financial services, and other allied services for the benefit of clients, stakeholders, and the Society.

A Great Vision Statement

To be the leading mortgage finance institution with excellent financial services in Zambia.

Value Statement

The Society adopted the acronym iCREDIT to define the shared core values as follows.

I Innovation – Embedding a culture of innovation and creativity.

C Customer Centricity – Putting customers at the centre of all that we do.

R Respect – Treating every individual with dignity.

E Excellence – Treating every individual with dignity.

D Drive – Energetic and committed to ZNBS customers and all stakeholders.

I Integrity – Trusted, honest, and ethical.

T Teamwork – Working together and collaborating towards a common goal