Buying or building a house is probably the biggest investment that you will ever make in your life. At ZNBS we realize this and have come up with solutions to help you achieve your dream. The following are the different types of mortgage products:

Construction loan

A loan for construction purposes where the whole property or part of it is still to be constructed. Construction can now be financed from foundation level.

Outright Purchase

A loan for purchase of an existing property or properties.

Home Improvement Loan

A loan for refurbishments, renovations and extensions to an existing property.

Equity Release

A loan where equity can be removed from the property if it has adequate value in order to release funds which the customer can use for any purpose. The customer must indicate on application the purpose of the funds.

Balance Transfer

Where the customer has an existing Mortgage Loan with another institution, the Society may take over that existing Mortgage and refinance other Loans depending on the customer’s financial capacity to meet the monthly repayments.